Best VPS & Web Hosting Services Ever! Verry Cheap!!!

- Virtual Server
Modern operation system
under your full control.
Powerful and Flexible.

Why You Should Choose Our Hosting?

NeuPrime key business competition is virtual hosting. We are proud to provide best quality service, management and support. Leading technologies and modern pricing.
  • Modern equipment from leading manufacturers
  • Fully automated management and self-care
  • Free customer care service to solve your problems
  • 100% Payment Safety, Money Back & Refund Guarantee

- Free! Hosting
Free! Hosting

With NeuPrime Free Virtual Hosting your can bring your project online absolutely free.
Limited time offer!
You get standard PHP + MySQL hosting
free for 1 year.

- Power Server
Power Server
Virtual DC Cloud
100% Hardware Power
100% User Control
8 Cores, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage197.35 €
16 Cores, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage388.87 €
24 Cores, 96 GB RAM, 2 TB Storage571.27 €
48 Cores, 192 GB RAM, 4 TB Storage1080.85 €
* monthly prices; fine discounts for prepayment!
- NAS to RAID 10 + Read/Write SSD/RAM Cache
- 100 Mbps Network per 8 cores
- 24 / 48 cores are HyperThreading cores
- 48 cores server allows XEN/KVM/Hyper-V inside

More NeuPrime Offers
Modern Cloud Provider
Microsoft Certified Partner
Reseller Hosting Plans
NeuPrime GmbH is ready to offer full range of Enterprise Services to both personal and corporate customers.
Check our offers below or contact us

  • Virtual Cloud Servers
  • Virtual Cloud Datacenter
  • Linux (LAMP) Web Hosting
  • Microsoft Windows Hosting
  • Efficient Bulk Pricing
  • Instant Management APIs

Writer Review:
- Services have a very good service, especially in customer support. When I was having problems and tried to contact customer support of, they respond very fast and friendly. for the VPS and Web Hosting is highly recommended to those who want to get the best service by No more waiting, please order have now!

- Machine & Price provide the best service with a modern operation system, under your full control, Powerful and Flexible. If there is a problem in the engine as it hangs, in the cpanel already provided a menu to fix the problem, such as: 

  • VPS parameters change 
  • restart the VPS 
  • reset administrator 
  • reinstall, keeping second HDD 
  • * and How to Connect * 

Very simple and convenient!

- Price
*Indonesia Language*
huh, jangan tanya lagi broh masalah harga, super duper murah....
ini saya mau ngambil vps server satu tahun aja gak sampe kena puluhan juta, jadi buat yang pengen gunain VPS dari bisa di jadikan game server, dibantu oleh customer support pula kalo ada yang ingin ditanyakan.
VPS Support Game Server like RF Online Game Server

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