VisualBoyAdvance 1.8.0 Beta 3 Free Download

It has been a long time indeed.  VisualBoyAdvance is
back....with another release in hand.  Here are a few version
changes I was able to dig up from the CVS repository (Note that there
are probably more changes than what is said here):

  • Cleaned the gba.cpp code a bit (too much changed to list them).
  • Changed all the clockticks management. Internal emulation speed
    should be more accurate now (fixes some games that crashed, like
    Advance Wars 2 or Tennis no Oojisama 2003), some other should have less
    slowdown/flickering (Breath of Fire 3's underwater level, Mario &
    Luigi Saga's intro). Added pseudo-support for bus prefetch (still need
    to check how it works for all the cases).
  • Added a 3 lines delay between the time a BG is enabled and the
    time it is displayed on screen (Lady Sia 2's blue lines on water level
  • Put the supposed correct settings in DISPSTAT and lcdTicks on
    bootup when no bios are used (or when bios animation is skipped).
    (Earthworm Jim 2 now boots up).
  • Added a rom mirroring option in the 'Game Override' menu.
    Enabling it for the 'Mini'/'Classic' series makes the controls respond
  • Bit 15 of WAITCNT is now read-only (Donkey Kong King of Swing doesn't crash on some levels anymore).
  • Bit 11 and 15 of SGCNT (FIFO Reset bits) are now cleared.
  • Corrected a bug introduced in VBA 1.8.0 which would prevent a
    game from accessing the 0x10000+ area of VRAM (Duke Nukem & Need
    for Speed 2's flickering is gone).
  • Added a 'pseudo-support' for GFX modes 6&7 (but no games should use them).
  • Soft Reset is now working properly (it was broken when the prefetch emulation was added).
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